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Tourism: the key to help rebuild Mexico and its economy

Tourism is one of the main needs of different nations, since it generates income, jobs, visibility and other factors that multiply and accelerate a country’s economy. Mexico, has great destinations that can be exploited even better than they already do to accelerate the economy.

The importance and relevance of tourism is the economic weight for any nation, because it has the capacity to produce economic goods through an exchange, in other words, the goods that are exchanged are available to consumers. Only in Mexico City, during 2016 tourism left an economic spill of $84.5 billion pesos so if we start from this number we can imagine how much could leave the entire country.

The profits you want to have are directly proportional to different characteristics that a destination must have for it to be a success and then yes, receive the expected profits:

  • Basic and attractive services
  • Qualified labor
  • Superstructures and infrastructures of competitive level
  • Activities for all types such as: sports, cultural, adventure, social, among others.

There is an organization called “Mi México Lindo” founded by Eduardo Andres that seeks to promote Mexico from its products, which characterize the country, to its destinations in national and international markets. The aim is to promote the country as a quality tourist destination that offers a wide variety of attractive and unique experiences.

In addition, it wants to promote the development of the internal market, that is, to generate in the Mexicans themselves the desire to consume locally and to interest them more in the desire to have a deeper knowledge of Mexico and, of course, of each of its destinations.

Mexico is one of the richest countries in everything: destinations, gastronomy, nature, climate and tourism is quite an important factor in the economy. Places like Cancun or Los Cabos are world attractions, but they seek to expand this portfolio to know the whole world for all styles of travel.

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