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Reasons why you should visit Japan

Japan is one of the most amazing countries in the world. It has some beautiful places to visit, and in today’s entry, we are going to tell you some of the reasons why you should visit Japan this year.

Japan’s best features

1. Natural scenery

The first thing is obviously the natural aspect of the country. Even though many people think of Japan as a modern nation with a metropolis in every corner, there are many natural habitats you should definitely visit.

You can go from Hokkaido, to the beaches of Okinawa. Japan’s nature is highly diverse. The country has rugged mountains, amazing white beaches, bamboo forests and some of the most astounding waterfalls you are going to find in the world.

The best thing of all is that you can travel to Japan all year round, and if you want to see an incredible spectacle, you have to see the cherry blossom trees.

2. Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is Japan’s strongest natural formation. Keep in mind that it is not just a mountain. It’s a sacred place for Japan. Since the 7th century, Mount Fuji has been a sacred location for the indigenous religion of the country, which is known as Shintoism.

You will see it included in ancient pottery, calligraphy and even woodblock prints. Also, climbing this mountain is at the top of many traveler’s bucket lists, and around 350,000 people climb Mount Fuji each year.

Even though not everyone makes it to the highest peak, the excitement about climbing Mount Fuji tops the need of getting to the peak.

3. The food

Even though you can eat Japanese food all over the world, the nation attracts people from every corner of the world each year just to experience the quality of the Japanese cuisine.

A few of the most requested dishes are the sushi conveyor belt and sake bars. Moreover, tourists love trying fresh sushi at the famous Tsukiji Fish Market, or the marvelous street food in Osaka.

To many visitors, a trip to Japan gives them the chance to indulge in real Kaiseki Food. If you don’t know what Kaiseki is, it’s a traditional form of cuisine that has changed over a period of hundreds of years, and it uses ingredients that can’t be easily found in any other part of the world.

4. Friendly citizens

When you are visiting Japan, you will quickly notice that Japanese people behave differently to how people behave in Western countries. People in Japan don’t bother tourists while they are trying to get to their destination, and everyone is respectful towards the others.

If you have a question or you don’t know how to get somewhere, you will always find someone ready to assist you. However, it’s perfectly natural to feel like the language barrier is your worst enemy, but Japanese people will always try to comprehend you.

5. Exciting experiences

There’s nothing wrong with having an adventurous spirit, and if you are one of these people, then you will have a blast in Japan. Whether you decide to go snowboarding or skiing in Nagano, you have tons of options to thrill yourself.

With more than 60% of Japan covered in mountainous scenery, you can embark on some awesome multi-day hikes or even go for a walk to get to know the ancient routes such as the Kumano Kodo Trail.

6. Weird stuff

If you enjoy seeing weird things during your travels, then you will adore Japan. In this country you are going to find washing toilets that blow-dry and play songs, as well as plenty of cartoon figures spread around the cities.

Japan has all kinds of unique characteristics. You can walk around Harajuku to experience the kawaii culture, and you can even walk into maid cafes.

7. Anime everywhere

Anime is one of Japan’s best features. If you are a fan of Anime, then traveling to Japan is the best plan for you. You can find bookstores filled with mangas, merchandise such as shirts, action figures and collectibles.

As you walk through Tokyo, you will get to see huge posters of the most popular anime right now, and if you are lucky enough, you could even watch an anime film in theaters.

These are some of the most common reasons as to why you should visit Japan. If you find the opportunity to do so, don’t hesitate. 

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