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Reasons why you need to travel to Germany at least once

Germany tends to be overlooked frequently when in reality, this country has been the heart of the old continent for centuries. From its unique culture to its architecture, if you’re planning to travel to Europe, you need to start considering traveling to Germany at least once.

If you lack reasons to convince yourself, then you need to read today’s post. Here we’re going to pinpoint the reasons why you need to travel to Germany this year.

The most compelling reasons to visit Germany

Marvelous historical attractions

One of the reasons why Germany is so relevant is due to its rich history and World War II. There’s plenty of information people can learn about Germany and if you happen to be a history aficionado, you’ll have the time of your life in this country.

Foremost, there are treasured places across the country, right from castles to well-preserved architectural constructions that were built back in the medieval era. Tourists love seeing gigantic castles and Berlin has a lot of options to choose from.

While you tour around Berlin, you’ll get a glimpse of the Berlin Wall. However, if you want a more conservative experience, you can just head to Munich and experience Bavaria’s traditions.


To experience the traditional German festivals, you should have a calendar ready for the task. For instance, one of the most notable festivals in Germany is the Oktoberfest, which has repeatedly been held in Munich.

It’s a two-week folk celebration that takes place from the end of September to the first week of the next month (October). Here, you can enjoy traditional dishes, consume as many beers as you’d like and have fun at the amusement parks.

Another festival you should attend is the Pumpkin Festival. It’s the largest pumpkin celebration in the whole world and is filled with color and entertaining things to do.


Even though there are still European nations with lack of cultural diversity, this is not the case with Germany. In fact, German society has more than 80 million people coexisting with one another.

When in German streets, you will listen to numerous languages, and notice people from different religions walking together and having a good time. For example, you can find citizens from Poland, Nigeria, and Turkey

If you love a multicultural country, then Germany is the right place for you.

Magnificent scenery

This country is at the heart of Europe, and it’s known to be the seventh-largest nation in the continent. It is the exact location to embark on your European tour, as you can choose from nine other borders to jump into after finishing with your tour across Germany.

If you want to enjoy hiking and nature, this country is not going to disillusion you. It is notable thanks to a variety of landscapes right from snow-capped mountains and thick forests.

Chic cities

New York is not the only chic city in the world. Berlin is one of the leading cities to visit once you’re in Germany. Furthermore, in case you’re not interested in massive cities like the nation’s capital, you can always visit Munich, Hamburg, or Stuttgart.

Every city in Germany has something unique to offer, such as elegant restaurants and fascinating places filled with things to see and do. On the other hand, if you enjoy going out and drinking with friends, then nightlife in Berlin will do it for you.

The East of the country

For more than 15 years, the eastern states of Germany have been more popular than its more enormous cities. For anyone who wants quietness, there are a few small towns in Germany.

Moreover, towns such as Meissen and Quedlinburg also lure tourists from all over the world to their wooded houses as well as to their medieval squares.

Natural destinations

Would you want to participate in an adventure like no other? If you said yes then you need to enter Germany’s forests. There are breathtaking beaches on the Baltic Coast, where you will have the most outstanding panoramic views of the Bavarian Alps.

Lastly, these are the reasons why you need to travel to Germany at least once. If you appreciate this kind of content, we have various articles related to visiting other countries.

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