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Lata promotes Bolivian tourist destinations

The renowned UK travel association Lata promotes a range of different tourist destinations on its website and this time included Bolivia in its summer offer with the slogan “Bolivia will take your breath away”.

In its campaign to get to know Bolivia, the agency urges the traveler to follow in the footsteps of the most restless tourists who have come to these places and have been dazzled by the landscapes and activities they experienced.

Lata offers Internet users who are eager for action and adventure to discover virgin places for mass tourism. It captures its customers with the challenge of traveling to places where transport logistics are complicated and rusticity is part of the menu, as a challenge to discover new destinations not always promoted worldwide.

The company launches a seductive slogan: “Bolivia will take your breath away” for the spectacular landscapes, the monuments found in its villages and also for the relics of ancient civilizations, as well as the wildlife, the fauna of its forests, as well as the “rough” coexistence with the high altitude of its western departments.

It promotes La Paz as a seductive destination full of harmony between nature and city. It advises visitors to interact with the snow-capped mountains. It also induces to visit the street markets full of culture and particularities like the walk along the famous “Calle de las Brujas” in the surroundings of Santa Cruz, Illampu, Linares and Sagarnaga streets.

Another place that is important within the tourist proposal is the Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon), in the southern area of the city, where several activities can be carried out around mountains and trails.

It also offers to visit Lake Titicaca, the town of Copacabana and the Island of the Sun, as well as the ruins of Tiwanaku.

Potosi and Sucre, “impressive” for their colonial architecture with their squares and museums are attractions that tour operators suggest visiting. In addition to seeing up close the mining activity with its archaic but showy methods.

The jewel that dazzles Bolivia, according to Lata, is Uyuni with its mythical salt flat, the largest and highest in the world. The Salt Hotel, the Fish Island, the red lagoons among others are part of the itinerary.

Going for the tropical lowland side is another of Lata’s tempting recommendations. Amboro National Park, the Chaco plains, Noel Kempff Park, the Amazon rainforests and the renowned Madidi National Park are his examples of ecotourism, extreme sports, flora and fauna.

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