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Chile: a natural destiny

Chile has consolidated itself as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. In 2017 alone, it obtained a total of 10 awards, including the Best Adventure Travel Destination in the World at the World Travel Awards, and 38 recognitions.

Chile’s main economic engine is the exploitation of its natural resources. In fact, half of all foreign tourists declare that nature, landscapes, flora and fauna are the main reason for choosing Chile as a tourist destination.

This achievement is also due to the great work of international promotion that has been done in recent years, which is reflected in the 12.8 percent growth that increased the number of tourists visiting the country.

The challenge that Chile faces is to increase the number of tourists and the amount of spending per tourist. For this reason, the State has implemented a sustainable tourism development plan that focuses on diversifying tourist experiences, encouraging domestic tourism, promoting at the national and international levels, developing new destinations and strengthening the quality of services.

Perhaps it is the diversification of experiences where they are concentrating most, this with the objective of offering tourism an agenda that is innovative, more attractive and at the same time sustainable, taking as a base the tourism experiences that already define its identity, such as nature and adventure tourism – Chile is the fifth country with the most protected areas in the world; wine tourism -it has 94 wineries open to tourism in 12 valleys, which is why it has been appointed to host the UNWTO World Conference on Wine Tourism in 2019-; cultural and gastronomic tourism -Santiago has become one of the five most recommended gastronomic destinations in the world-, among others.

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