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Tourism: the key to help rebuild Mexico and its economy

Tourism is one of the main needs of different nations, since it generates income, jobs, visibility and other factors that multiply and accelerate a country’s economy. Mexico, has great destinations that can be exploited even better than they already do to accelerate the economy. The importance and relevance of tourism …

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A difficult year for tourism in Bolivia

When reviewing international tourism statistics and trends, it is interesting to see that in the last year worldwide tourism grew by 7%, generating more than 1,326 million international tourist arrivals and revenues of 1,340 billion dollars, representing 10% of world GDP (UNWTO data), in addition to their respective positive economic …

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Bolivia wants to strengthen tourism

Bolivia experienced significant growth with a multiplier effect on the generation of jobs throughout the chain of industry without chimneys, and is an important driver of its economy. According to the Bolivian Minister of Cultures and Tourism, Wilma Alanoca, tourism in Bolivia has become one of the main sources of …

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Tourism in Peru is projected to increase by 2020

Shortly after the end of 2019, an increase in national tourism is perceived, which seems to be maintaining a slow but continuous growth while more national and international tourists enjoy Peru’s cities. This is considering the total amount of income from tourists for business and pleasure, and those with high …

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Peru: What is tourism?

Tourism – as defined by the World Tourism Organization – comprises activities carried out by people during their travels to places other than their usual environment for a period of time less than one year, for leisure, business or other purposes. Meanwhile, tourism in Peru is the third most important …

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Tourism in Peru

Tourism is an important sector for any economy in the world, not only because it generates jobs, economic growth and unquestionable development, but also because it promotes cultural preservation, environmental protection and generates a sense of pride and attachment to what is ours. According to the United Nations World Tourism …

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