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Best hidden places to visit in Ireland

Even though Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom, people tend to overlook this country. In today’s post, we’re going to present to you the best-hidden places to visit in Ireland, and we’re certain that thanks to the information we gathered for you, you’ll start to consider traveling to this nation...

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Tourism to learn about a culture.

There is no better way to do tourism than to experience it through different cultures. Traveling to learn from the experiences of local people, trying different food, learning new words, adopting new habits and making new friends break old beliefs is the reason...

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How is tourism regulated in Chile?

In February 2010 the Tourism Law 20.423 was born, which regulates the tourism industry in Chile, tourism becomes a strategic axis of development for the country and together with this law the Undersecretary of Tourism and the Ministry of Economy are given life, it is now called the Ministry of …

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Chile: a natural destiny

Chile has consolidated itself as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. In 2017 alone, it obtained a total of 10 awards, including the Best Adventure Travel Destination in the World at the World Travel Awards, and 38 recognitions. Chile’s main economic engine is the exploitation of its …

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