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Best places to visit in Japan

Japan is one of the most visited countries in the world, and if you would like to plan a trip to this country, then you need to read this post, in which we are going to present to you some of the best places to visit in Japan.

Places you need to visit in Japan


Japan’s capital city is a desired destination for people all over the world. This city can enchant visitors. Unlike the rural areas of Japan, Tokyo is a technological metropolis, in which you’ll find diverse kinds of buildings, stores, and malls.

This is a city that changes constantly, and if you want to visit Tokyo during a trip to Japan, then you should purchase tickets for sumo or kabuki. On the other hand, if you’d like to visit some traditional places, then you need to check out the Imperial Palace or the Ghibli Museum.

However, in case you don’t enjoy crowds, you need to visit these places during the week.


On the other hand, Kyoto is the best representation of Japan’s past. Here you can find plenty of temples that can make you travel in time. The temples are the tip of the iceberg, and you can travel across Kyoto to get to know the city’s culture.

As you walk by, you’ll be able to appreciate one of Kyoto’s most elegant teahouses, as well as the art of the famous geishas, and watch them perform. Plus, you can enjoy the Japanese haute cuisine.


Have you heard of Naoshima before? If you haven’t, then you need to know that Nashima is a big part of Japan’s history. It became a ghost town, and now it is a world-class center where you can find contemporary art in various shapes.

Plenty of Japan’s best architects have contributed to building resistant structures, including museums, a bathhouse and even a boutique hotel. Every single construction has been built to improve Naoshima’s natural beauty.

Some travelers decide to stay in Naoshima, and if you’re one of them, you can stay in an inn to continue exploring Japan. When it comes to planning a visit to Naoshima, you should include the Setouchi Triennale Festival, which takes place during spring, summer, and fall every three years.

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji can be seen from diverse places, and no matter the scenario, it will always take your breath away. At close range, the volcano is symmetrical, and its beauty it’s outstanding, and hundreds of people decide to climb it every year, continuing an old tradition of pilgrimages who climbed the sacred mountain.

Nonetheless, if you’d prefer searching for picture-perfect views from the ground, you can always follow the steps of Japan’s most relevant poets and painters. Also, the best time to climb the mountain is during its official season, which starts in July, and it lasts until mid-September.


You have likely heard about Hiroshima and its importance to Japan. A visit to Hiroshima will make you feel sad, given what happened there. But this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a trip to Hiroshima.

This city is now filled with leafy boulevards and small shops where you can purchase gifts for your loved ones. Additionally, you need to visit the Peace Memorial Museum, a place where you are going to take a proper look at a collection of items that were saved from the aftermath of the atomic bomb.

The east building of the Museum presents the history of Hiroshima as well as the development and explanation of the effects of nuclear weapons.


Continuing with our list of best places to visit in Japan, we have Hokkaido. At this place, you’ll discover volcanoes, hot springs, and even ski areas to explore. This part of Japan looks straight out of a film, and this is due to its several attractions and natural landscapes.

You can go to the Asahiyama Zoo, as well as to the Blue Pond. Among the best things you can do here, you can enjoy a relaxing day in a hot spring, or visit the national parks and walk around Hokkaido.

Ultimately, if you want to travel to Japan shortly, make sure you consider our list of the best places to visit in Japan. You won’t regret it and you’ll make memories that will last forever. 

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