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Best hidden places to visit in Ireland

Even though Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom, people tend to overlook this country. In today’s post, we’re going to present to you the best-hidden places to visit in Ireland, and we’re certain that thanks to the information we gathered for you, you’ll start to consider traveling to this nation.

Hidden gems in Ireland

Bull Rock

The island is located at the tip of the Beara Peninsula and there are three majestic rocks that stand above the ocean. The first one is Cow Rock which is followed by Bull Rock and Calf Rock.

The most prominent rock is Bull Rock, and to get to know this place a lot better, you can book a tour, and you will have more than hour-and-a-half to take a look around these islands. Tour guides will most likely tell you about the history of the islands.

Moreover, you’ll definitely hear stories related to Vikings as well as the Gaelic Chieftains.

The caves of Kesh

This is one of the most hidden caves in Ireland and you need to give it a try. They’re a series of sixteen caves that show evidence of human habitation that goes back to the Neolithic period.

In addition, the caves have been prominently featured in Irish folklore, and they’re frequently related to what’s known as the “otherworld.”

Poolbeg lighthouse

Even though the lighthouse’s structure has had to face years of severe weather conditions, what survives today has become one of the most popular hidden gems in Ireland.

Furthermore, this lighthouse stands on the Great South wall of Dublin’s port, and it extends for more than four miles. It’s the ultimate place to explore on a sunny day. You can enjoy a marvelous view of the ocean while you stand on a long road that finishes with the lighthouse.

Hellfire club

Also called Montpelier Hill, this club was built around 1724 by an Irish politician by the name of William Conolly. It was known as Montpelier before it was taken by an Irish Hell Fire Club. Many say that the location was utilized as a place to meet in secret to practice aberrant activities. 

The initial construction was initiated over an ancient passage tomb. Its roof wasn’t able to hold back a storm shortly after it was completed, and the incident caused locals to believe that the building had the presence of ghosts.

Kilmainham Gaol

Built back in 1796, it was utilized as a prison for men, women, and children. As they were kept in the cells, they purely had a candle for warmth and light. Each of the candles lasted for a fortnight at a time.

Even though the fortress was used as a prison, in modern times you can walk through the streets of the castle. A tour through this place is going to take you to the past to the most challenging times for the Irish citizens.


If you travel to Ireland, expect to see magnificent castles such as the Malahide fortress. This particular castle was constructed for the service of the crown. On this day, you can travel to Ireland and visit Malahide Castle as a part of a guided tour.

Once you’re inside the castle, you can book functions to see the private rooms. Thousands of travelers visit the castle all year, so if you enjoy touring through ancient buildings, this is the opportunity for you.

Nine Stones

The Nine Stones in Carlow are part of the best-hidden places to visit in Ireland if you are looking to admire diverse counties simultaneously. The best time of the year to travel to the Nine Stones is during autumn.

During clear days you’ll catch a slight glimpse of Carlow, Wexford, Kilkenny, and many more counties. Also, you can get a more proper look at the coast of Wales.

Lough Dan

Lastly, Lough Dan is a lovely lake located in County Wicklow. It’s not the most notable lake in the country, meaning if you decide to arrange a visit, you won’t have too much company.

At this place, you can hike and even take a kayak to navigate across the water. Overall, there are several small accommodation options in the area where you can stay.

Ultimately, if you ever travel to Ireland, you need to give these places a chance. You won’t regret it. 

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