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Aiming to boost tourism promotion in Peru

Destinations, gastronomy, culture and travel experience are some of the aspects that government and private sector representatives seek to promote most every time they attend an international tourism fair. And for this first quarter, the efforts of both will seek to position the country in at least four major events.

Two of these took place in the fortnight of this month and are the Matka Helsinki 2019 tourism fair in Finland and Vakanz in Luxembourg. The first, according to Promperu, brought together more than 71,000 people, of which almost 15,300 were professionals from the tourism and travel sector.

According to the National Chamber of Tourism, having participated in this event will help Peru to attract up to 20 thousand additional tourists from Nordic countries during this year.

In the case of Vakanz, Promperu and the airline Air Europa allied to promote destinations in the Amazon and the beaches of northern Peru. The purpose of this fair was to attract more tourists with high purchasing power, since the country’s per capita GDP is 88,800 euros per year.

In addition to this, Peru will participate in the Lisbon Tourism Exchange, which will seek to increase the number of Portuguese travelers arriving in the country, which is approximately 8,000 visitors.

Please note

In March the world skateboarding championship will be held in Lima. According to Canatur, this will bring in US$50 million and is an opportunity to develop tourism.

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